Getting Started

To get started with listing your business services please have the following information handy, or you may run into difficulty when applying for a listing space. The list of items isn’t required, but highly recommended so that customers can gauge your businesses level of professionalism. In the future, as Kippikio progresses you will be able to receive Kippikio’s, “Mark of the Pro” for the certifications, licenses, and other degrees and training that you have.

  1. Your full name.
  2. A description of the services you are going to provide on your share listings.
  3. Any certifications that you use in your business if you work in an industry that requires it.

What is a listing space?

A listing space is your businesses home at Kippikio. It’s your online space that gives you the tools to reach the customers you need and organize your ads, customers, and media.

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