What is a share listing site?

A share listing site is a community based service made for product listings for businesses both small and large. It’s free and open source technology that puts web technology in the hands of the local shoppers and businesses that use them.

Open Source

The template of this site is free and open source, this means you can download and modify this template to fit your needs. This theme is, Kippikio’s first not-for profit product we’re offering and also the face of the company.

We are able to provide this free of charge, because of cutting edge browser technology developed by Brandon Eich and his Brave software team, by enabling a private local ads system based off the BAT token. Which means that you get paid to surf the web when you use the Brave Browser.

This page contains everything you’ll need to get started with using the share listing template to create a listing site of your own. Below you will find some great resources to help you get started. You can navigate to anywhere in the site by using slide out menus located in the navigation bar towards the top of the screen. Remember, click once to open the menu and double click to navigate to the menu items page.

Doing Business Here

Create Your Own Listings

Getting Started

A quick guide to starting up on Kippikio. It covers what information you’ll need to sign up, and how to navigate around your, Share Space.

Why List at Kippikio?

Finding and Requesting Services

Searching Guide

A quick guide to finding what you need quickly on Kippikio. It covers everything from the app UI to filtering your searches.

Requesting Services

Create Your Own Share Site